Create - Best practices

On this page we explain a couple of things you should know about making assets for Teardown, to make sure your creations work optimally in the game.

Voxel connectivity

For voxels to correctly "stick" together in the game, they need to connect on their sides. Voxels touching only through their edges or corners will not stay together in the game. Such constructions will fall apart the moment the are damaged or otherwise become dynamic in the game.

In the image to the right, the red/green voxel pairs are incorrectly connected.

The blue/purple voxel pair is correctly connected along the voxels sides.

Mixing soft and hard materials 

Another potential problem is when hard and soft materials are mixed.

Softer materials should never be placed inside or between harder material as they risk becoming loose and get stuck between the hard surrounding material, causing problems for the physics.
Especially in situations where the space available for the softer material is very tight.

One example is when making brick walls. It might feel natural to make the grout between the individual bricks in a softer material, like plaster. But this causes issues when the wall is damaged and pieces of the softer plaster is broken and get stuck between the bricks. It is better to also make the grout out of the brick material, but in an appropriately lighter color.

Metal rebar in concrete is a good example of the opposite situation, where a harder material is encapsulated by a softer material. As long as the hard material doesn't create pockets of soft material inside hard material. 


The following is a list of all materials, their respective hardness from softest to hardest, and whether the sledgehammer, blowtorch, explosives and guns (handgun and shotgun) affects them.

Material Hardness Sledge Blowtorch Guns Explosives
Glass Soft
Grass Soft
Dirt Soft
Plastic Soft
Wood Soft
Plaster Soft
Concrete Medium
Brick Medium
Weak Metal Medium
Hard Masonry Hard
Hard Metal Hard
Heavy Metal Unbreakable
Rock Unbreakable

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